Entertain & Educate

The art of luxury is the simple concept that founded Sandra Napoli-Petrella’s company (Tailored Luxury Concierge) in 2014 and now operates under it's sister company (Ever Mine Boutique) which opened it's doors in Niagara Falls, ON. in 2018.

Ever Mine, is a boutique store offering home decor, furniture, lifestyle accessories, gifting items and Interior Design services to consumers wanting to create a personalized home environment and lifestyle.

Working as a highly sought interior designer, Sandra became an integral piece of the design, renovation and home build processes for her clients.

It is Sandra’s enthusiasm that led to more than 2 decades of opportunity and achievement in interior design. Her pursuit of perfection and attention to detail are the signature of her work, from consulting to custom design.

Since opening it's doors at 3521 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls, ON,, Sandra has been diligently working on creating events once a month for Interior Designers, Architects and Home Builders to come together and network, not only with each other, but with selected suppliers in the Design & Construction industry.

Companies continue to ask her, "What's in it for you, to do these type of events", referring to commission or referral fees... Her answer is,"nothing, I'm simply using my brick and mortar space to connect those designers, specifically those who work from home, to be exposed to new products and vice, versa for representatives.  My past experience working as a designer from home, I was never called on by reps in the industry.So this is why I'm opening my doors to these educate events, and not necessarily to just the design & construction world, but to anyone who needs a space for networking purposes."